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Meeting Notes

May 27 Hearing in Jackson

Reilly Morse's perspective on the meeting.

Despite a last-minute change in the meeting location announced on Thursday evening, approximately 40 enthusiastic people from the coast found their way to the hearing. Speaking on a cell phone on his way home, Louis Skrmetta reported that they were able to make their positions clear in more than three and one-half hours of testimony.  The message was again presented in a strong, informed maner once again - coastal Mississippi does not want drilling in the Sound or near our barrier islands! 

Once again, a request was made to hold a formal hearing on the issue in a suitable location on the coast.  We urge concerned citizens to contact Mr. Leland Speed of the MDA and support a hearing on the coast.

Thanks to the Isle of Capri for providing a bus that made it much easier for coastal residents to get to the meeting.  And we all owe our thanks to those folks who made the trip to Jackson and invested a long, hard day in helping to protect our coastal gems.  Let's make some phone calls and write some letters to do our part.

Mississippi Coast Residents Made Their Position Clear - NO DRILLING!

In a public meeting held on May 24th, more than 350 people crowded the Scott Aquarium in Biloxi to speak out against oil and gas exploration and drilling in the Gulf Islands National Seashore and Mississippi Sound.  The fire marshal limited the number of people in the auditorium to 350; many, many more people stood in the lobby to try to hear the proceedings.   Even more turned back when they saw the packed parking lot and the crowd in the lobby extending out the door.

This morning, the Sun Herald said that "most" of the attendees opposed drilling.  By a show of hands, only 7 people said they supported drilling, only 2%.  The opposition was overwhelming and it was emphatic.  There were dozens of standing ovations in support of the points against exploration and drilling made by speaker after speaker, from fishermen, oil and gas industry professionals, scientists, artists, and concerned citizens.  The message was loud, clear, and consistent:  COASTAL MISSISSIPPI DOES NOT WANT EXPLORATION AND DRILLING IN THE GULF ISLANDS NATIONAL SEASHORE AND MISSISSIPPI SOUND!  Are our elected officials listening?

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