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Dedicated to the preservation and protection of the barrier islands and coastal wetlands of Mississippi.

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Documents and Background Information

Estimating the Economic Impacts of Gas Exploration and Development in Mississippi Sound, prepared by EcoNorthwest, May 24, 2005. 
Executive Summary

Full paper

Review and Analysis of Mississippi Major Economic Impact Authority’s Proposed Rules and Regulations Governing Geophysical, Seismic or Other Type Exploration on State-Owned Lands, prepared by H.C. Clark, Ph.D., Consulting Geologist, May 24, 2004.

Lease Block Maps - These maps are extracted from the Mississippi Office of Geology web site - They show the close proximity to the barrier islands of lease blocks intended for lease. 

PowerPoint presentation used by GIC in the MDA hearing on 5/27/05 in Jackson.

Petition, April 26, 2005 - Microsoft Word .doc file, left click to open, right click to save to your computer.

Brief Quicktime movie urging action to protect the GINS by Reilly Morse.  (You'll need the free Quicktime video player.) PDF summary version

GIC/Sierra Club Position Paper on Drilling in the GINS.  Position paper in  Word doc file format.

Mississippi’s National Park Deserves Protection from Offshore Oil and Gas Development, Louie Miller, State Director of Mississippi Sierra Club

Mississippi Legislators Pay Back Campaign Contributions by Backing Offshore Drilling, Summer 2004 edition of the Mississippi Sierran newsletter

Gerald Blessey's letter to Leland Speed, 4/29/05, calling for a hearing on the coast regarding offshore oil and gas drilling.  Mr. Blessey is former mayor of Biloxi.  Mr. Speed is the Executive Director of the Mississippi Development Authority.

Mississippi Senate Bill 2853 moved control of offshore oil and gas leasing from DMR to the MDA

Section 6033 of the appropriations bill authorizing exploration and drilling in the GINS (pdf file)

Oil Drilling Again Threatens the Mississippi Sound, but GIC, Sierra Club Plan to Take Action--Get involved!

Statement by Dr. Donald Bradburn on Drilling in the GINS

Research links sinking Louisiana With Extraction of Oil, Gas, by Cain Burdeau, Associated Press

Media Coverage

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